10 Questions for Jocelyn Morlock 

Yay! Leslie Barcza of Barczablog.com just interviewed me. Most fun!


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Juno-nominated composer Jocelyn Morlock is one of Canada’s most distinctive voices. She is Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Composer in Residence having just completed a term as inaugural Composer in Residence for Vancouver’s innovative concert series, Music on Main (2012 – 2014).  I reviewed her recent CD Cobalt, having discovered her original voice in one of Tapestry’s opera workshops.

In the immediate future, though, is the VSO’s New Music Festival on January 15-18. Morlock plays a big role, including three separate compositions. Here’s Morlock’s description of the three pieces: “Theft”; “Ornithomancy” and “That Tingling Sensation.”

Theft (2009)
I. Water Clocks
II. Insomnia
Theft was inspired by two arresting images found in One Hundred Years of Solitude: the insomnia-ridden town, and the “water-clock secrets of the moths.” In Marquez’s novel, we never find out what the moths’ secrets are, and this mystery intrigued me. The moths are…

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