VSO New Music Festival is live!


January 15  –  January 18, 2015:

The VSO New Music Festival
presents Standing Wave, Phoenix Chamber Choir with VSO strings, and two full-on orchestra concerts – including concertos by VSO composer-in-residence Jocelyn Morlock and our guest Kelly-Marie Murphy – and  world premieres by VSO Composer-in-Association Marcus Goddard, VSO bassist and composer Frederick Schipizky, and Jocelyn Morlock.

VSO-NMF passes here!

January 15 – Standing Wave (and special guest artists) play Steve Reich’s Double Sextet, Nicole Lizée’s Sculptress, Insomnia, and more…

January 16 – VSO with Graeme Langager’s Phoenix Chamber Choir – Arvo Pärt’s Berliner Messe and more…

On January 17, VSO and Nicholas Wright perform Kelly-Marie Murphy’s Blood Upon the Body, Ice Upon the SoulWhy Yes, that *is* the concerto about the psychpathic murderer who lives next door, thanks for asking…

And on January 18th, VSO and Christie Reside perform Ornithomancy, which is one of the best pieces that I’ve ever written, and if you don’t come hear it a giant flock of birds will descend upon you and kill you (just saying.)

Direct link to festival passes ($100 full price, $65 for students) here

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