Social media and performance: bane or boon?

Timely article on social media and performance!


To tweet or not to tweet: that is the question.

Saturday night at the Tapestry Briefs performance, Artistic Director Michael Mori invited the audience to employ social media, to post to Facebook or to tweet.  He even gave us the appropriate hashtags to use (although I used the wrong ones).

I know people who detest any signs of a smartphone in a theatre.  To go into a theatre and tweet during the performance felt like a transgressive act, a violation of the usual rules.

I didn’t see any stipulations, such as “wait until each 5 minute play is over,” or “if you’re going to post remarks to Facebook please sit where your screen won’t bother your neighbours”.  Nobody said that.  We were as far as I know, free to be where we wanted, to tweet or post as we wished.  I was grateful because it meant I didn’t need to…

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