Woo woo! Nice review of my CD, “Cobalt” by Leslie Barcza! Will post further info about reviews soon (but not until I’ve dealt with my taxes. Yikes!)


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It’s a colour.  It’s an element.  And most recently, it’s Jocelyn Morlock’s CD that I’ve been playing incessantly.

I first encountered Morlock as one of the composers in the workshop experience of Tapestry Briefs,  a process whimsically compared to speed-dating. Composers & librettists worked together on a series of brief subjects.  Morlock made a strong impression with the most disturbingly memorable five minutes of any I encountered.

Cobalt is not an operatic CD, but rather seven instrumental compositions that represent a kind of Morlockian smorgasbord,  demonstrating her flamboyant and distinctive voice.

1) “Music of the Romantic Era” gives a suggestion of the depths of her sensibility.  When was the last time you laughed out loud at the wit of a composition?  At once hysterically funny and poignant, a piece showing genuine ambivalence about music and music-making, ostentation and blatant rhetorical gestures of beginning &…

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