Nikolai Korndorf’s Quartet – Tuesday and Wednesday April 8 and 9 at the Western Front

This week, Nikolai Korndorf’s Quartet will be performed by the Emily Carr String Quartet of Victoria on both Tuesday April 8 and Wednesday April 9. The last time that this tour-de-force quartet was performed in Vancouver was in 2000 (conducted by Nikolai himself), so this is a rare chance to hear this phenomenal piece.


Korndorf’s Quartet is my programming choice for Music on Main’s 2013-14 season “carte blanche.” As I’ve stated on their website:

Nikolai’s music was the most emotionally intense music I’ve heard, and it was also deeply logical. Architecturally, he could build to climactic points without the listener necessarily knowing where he would end up. He had total control of his material, but the journey through his music never feels like an intellectual exercise.

His string quartet is a cathartic emotional journey. Written in the form of a requiem, it explores loss, redemption and ecstasy.

Performances are at 9:00 pm at the Western Front (303 East 8th) and last approximately one hour.

The Korndorf concerts were picked by the Georgia Straight as “Arts Choice” concerts of the week.

More info and tickets on Music on Main’s website, here.

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