Cobalt CD Launch – 8 pm, March 4, 2014 at The Fox Cabaret!

8:00 pm, Tuesday March 4, 2321 Main Street – Vancouver’s newest venue, the Fox Cabaret, will be hosting Music on Main’s first concert since The Cellar’s closing.

The concert will feature a dual CD release  Cobalt – Jocelyn Morlock’s first-ever orchestral CD (on Centrediscs/Naxos), and Corey Hamm’s brand-new recording of Frederic Rzewski’s The People United Will Never Be Defeated! (on Redshift Records.)

Excerpts are here – I’ll be adding more in the next little while.

Corey will be performing a fantastic program contemporary solo piano works including the world premiere of Jocelyn’s wildly energetic Corybantic for solo piano, commissioned especially for this concert. Be there and wear your best blue (or maybe red?) ***

A Big Thank-you To All My Cobalt CD Project Supporters on Indiegogo!

As you may realize by now the Indiegogo campaign has been very successful! Huge thank-yous to everyone who is helping me make Cobalt!

Julie Martiniuk – Dale Sorensen – David R. Martin –
Jay Martiniuk – Robert Fraser – Gregory Lee Newsome –
Paolo and Dorothy Bortolussi – Jordan Nobles –
Brian Laberge – David Pay – Joseph Glaser –
Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa – Michael Murray – Eric Paetkau –
Mieka Michaux – Brenda Morlock – Benton Roark –
Murray Nichol and Barrie Mowatt –
Stephen Robb – Joanne White – David and Soile Stratkauskas – Paris Simons –
Anna Pidgorna – Gabriel Dharmoo – Rodney Sharman – John Abram –
John Oliver – Ron Hiller and Ruth MacLean – Marina Hasselberg –
Jim Peers – Alfredo Santa Ana – Hannah Van Santen –
Sharon E. Rogers and Mark Timmons – Wendy Chong and Edward Top –
Alan Teder – Glenn Sutherland – Michael Oesterle –
Jennifer Butler and Michael Begg – Mark Takeshi McGregor –
Sherrin Hill – Christi Meyers – Elisha Denburg –
Randolph Peters – Donna Lowe – Paul Wells –
Greg Underwood – Matthew Whittall – Keith and Liz Hamel –
Daniel Marshall – Mark Haney – Jeff Manchur –
Five generous donors who prefer anonymity

Special thanks to repeat contributors Glenn Sutherland, Alan Teder, and Alfredo Santa Ana! Fasten your seatbelts, it’s time to launch…

Newfoundland airplanes have very blue seatbelts, apparently...

Newfoundland airplanes have very blue seatbelts, apparently…

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