Wiggie, wiggie, wiggie!

Music on Main’s Modulus Festival starts Monday, October 21, and Bill Richardson and I have a hairy new set of songs on it… Alex Varty of the Georgia Straight interviewed both of us about our new song cycle Perruqueries, which will be performed by Robyn Driedger-Klassen, Tyler Duncan, and Erika Switzer. A short excerpt of his article is below; to read the whole article, please visit the Georgia Straight.

For both concision and precision, it’s hard to top Jocelyn Morlock’s own review of her new song cycle Perruqueries, written with Leacock Award–winning humorist Bill Richardson.

“The songs we’ve written are fairly silly,” says Music on Main’s resident composer, in a telephone interview from her Vancouver home. “Except when they’re not.”

After scanning Richardson’s lyrics, it’s hard to disagree, especially as all six numbers have to do with artificial hair…

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