Look who’s 40…

No, I did’t mean me, Mark, or the geriatric newt, I meant Vancouver New Music, whose 40th Anniversary Retrospective Festival takes place next week, October 16 – 19. Music by Hildegarde Westercamp, John Korsrud, Owen Underhill, Jacquie Leggatt, Rodney Sharman, Peter Hannan, to name a few.

Way back in the year 2000, I wrote them a piece called Icarus, landing which VNM will be playing on October 16th. Here’s an excerpt:

A look back at the genesis of Icarus, landing is on Vancouver New Music’s youtube channel. It’s a very significant piece for me, and rather uncharacteristic:

Next up: Music On Main’s 2013 Modulus Festival, October 21 – 24! I’m looking forward to our festival with much excitement…all kinds of music, from Schubert to Bartok to Michael Oesterle to Caroline Shaw to Steve Reich to me…

I’ll be posting more about Modulus in the near future; meanwhile check out a bit of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw’s Partita which will be performed by Stellaria on Thursday, October 24:

Also on Thursday October 24, Stellaria and cellist Ariel Barnes will be performing my piece, Exaudi. Excerpt below is from the Juno-nominated recording Into Light by musica intima and Ariel Barnes:

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