Write Faster Than You Can (aka Tapestry LibLab)

How I spent my summer vacation, or the last two weeks of it:

Band camp! (Sort of.) Actually, we were writing opera really really fast at the Tapestry New Opera Composer-Librettist Laboratory, affectionately known as LibLab. Sleep-deprivation and too much coffee are integral to the process. Basically, Tapestry threw four writers, four composers, six performers, and music and stage directors together in a kind of manic speed-dating-style collaboration – each writer-composer pair worked together for two days to create an opera scene, and then we moved on to another pairing. The best description of what ensued is from Krisztina Szabo: “Tapestry Opera Briefs, day 2: I’ll be an unbalanced wife, a palliative care nurse, a bird, a woman switched at birth, and an attitudinal teenager…”

And now you, lucky Torontonian/visiting culture-vulture can experience the fruits of our labours. Four concerts take place this coming week – September 19, 20, 21 at 7:30 pm, and September 22 at 2:00 pm.

The Tapestry Online Box Office is here and the Facebook event page is here, should you want to invite everybody you know! to our opera scenes (just a suggestion.)

Pictures above are from Tapestry New Opera’s Facebook page. Further incriminating photos may be found there. My partners in crime include writers David Yee, Morris Panych, Julie Tepperman and Nicholas Billon, and composers Chris Thornborrow, Cecilia Livingston and Patrick Arteaga. Performers are Carla Huhtanen, Krisztina Szabo, Keith Klassen, Peter McGillivray, Gregory Oh, and Jennifer Tung. Michael Mori is our stage director and Michael Albano is our dramaturge.

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