Ottawa, why are you so far from Vancouver?



We’re midway through Chamberfest Ottawa 2013, and as always during the summer music festival season, I’m wishing that Ottawa and Vancouver weren’t so far apart. I am lucky this year, in that two great duos, Couloir, and Duo Concertante, are both playing music of mine at the festival, but unlucky in that I can’t be there. So, if you’re in Ottawa, please check them out on my behalf!

Couloir is performing at noon on July 31, at Dominion-Chalmers United Church, and their concert includes music by me, Valeri Kikta, and a world premiere by Caroline Lizotte. More info here.

Duo Concertante is performing at 11 am on August 4, and their concert includes J.S. Bach Violin and Keyboard Sonatas 3 and 4, as well as Clifford Crawley’s Comme de longs echos and my piece, Petrichor, both of which were commissioned by Duo Concertante and are influenced by Bach’s Sonatas. More info here.

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