Kebyar! Flux! Sho! Better run…

I love Vancouver on days like today. We’ve got Balinese gamelan, wildly diverse chamber orchestra pieces, and music for virtuoso sho (Japanese mouth organ) plus, well, everything else! Alas, all the concerts are tonight, so it may be challenging to decide which one to hear. Maybe these will help:

Gamelan Gita Asmara – Balinese music and dance, often in gong kebyar style. (That means “to burst into flames”…)

Quebec via Paris, Montreal via India, Manitoba via Montreal, Germany via, um, Germany…VSO at the Annex presents Streams of Consciousness – music by Serge Garant, Gabriel Dharmoo, Gordon Fitzell, and Wolfgang Rihm.

Gabriel Dharmoo – Moondraal-Moondru

Wolfgang Rihm – Nach-schrift

Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra
Virtuoso player Naomi Sato, who performs with VICO tonight, demonstrates the Sho (this is an amazing sound. I covet it.)

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