The voice is an amazing instrument…


Oh yes. And I have proof:

If you only have tonight to go to a concert (say you’re going out of town forever, tomorrow, or giving up music for a very late Lent or something) go hear Stellaria sing Josquin. I usually limit myself to “new music” postings, but Josquin is my favourite renaissance composer, and Stellaria is a really new ensemble, so I’ve given myself license to break my rule. I can’t be there and I’m sad to miss it, so I’m exhorting the rest of the Vancouver listening world to go in my place. Josquin!

If you have a bit more time in town, here are two wild and wonderful events, that are continuing for a while:

Tan Dun’s opera, Tea: A Mirror of Soul, put on by VOA. The water-instruments are thrilling, and what a gorgeous production. I heard the dress rehearsal. I desperately want a water gong. And whatever that other bowed awesomeness is…Opens tonight, shows are May 4, 7, 9 and 11. Bowed-water-thingywoo-oh-yes

The wildly successful, and really fun, Do You Want What I Have Got – otherwise known as the Craigslist Cantata – lyrics by Bill Richardson, music by Veda Hille. I heard the 2012 Vancouver show, just realized it is back (I’m slow, but I was out of town) and plan to go hear it again. On until May 18. Cat…hats…(attend and all will be revealed)

If you absolutely must stay home, you might want to check out Caroline Shaw’s Pulitzer Prize-Winning unusual and extremely nifty Partita, performed by the gloriously-named vocal octet, Roomful of Teeth. Teeeeeeeth!

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