The Scarf (and the Music on Main concert, March 26…)

‘Tis a bit of a busy week here in Vancouver, especially for me: the VSO Jean Coulthard readings are tomorrow (Yay, talented students who are having orchestra pieces read by the Vancouver Symphony!), on Thursday March 21 I am giving a talk at the CMC, and on Tuesday March 26 there is an entire concert of my music, presented by Music on Main. In between those two me mee meeeee events there is Sonic Boom! Tons of new music, all happening this week!(No, I am not directly involved in Sonic Boom, wouldn’t that be a bit excessive? Though I do have a piece for on the Vetta series, Thursday at 2pm, Friday at 8pm…see the upcoming page for info…)

Most significantly, though, there is my lovely and rather woolly roommate, his new post about concerts, me, insomnia, and of course, The Scarf. (Please read his blog post for further enlightenment…)



The dulcet tones of flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor, and pianist Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, are excerpted below:

4 thoughts on “The Scarf (and the Music on Main concert, March 26…)

  1. Lovely recording!! Will this be performed next Tuesday? (Re: the scarf, from this angle, actually has four pairs of jaunty, performance enhancing scrota.)

    • It will – Mark and Rachel will be performing it. (Mark will also be playing “Vespertine”, for flute and harp, with Joy Yeh, and Rachel will be playing “Involuntary Love Songs”, with soprano Robyn Drieger-Klassen.)

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