Maximum Randomicity Post…

Alias MRRRRRRP! Not entirely random, either, because it is all audio/visual type stuff, and exhortatory. Yes. (“Exhortatory” is a real word, too. I looked it up.)

Thing One: Stimmhorn. I can’t explain, I don’t understand, but you must hear it! Especially verse two. I gargle with delight! (1:05 is a good place to start, there is the distinct intonation of some kind of natural horn, followed by a rather indescribable sound that seems to involve yodelling, gargling, and super-fast accordion. No, really…2:53 is pretty special, too.)

Thing Two: Live streaming of Aventa’s concert tonight, starting at 7:45 Pacific Time – if you can’t attend in real life, this is a dandy option! Georg Friedrich Haas – In Vain. Don’t miss it, or they will have done all that practicing in vain! (quack.) Link below goes to live feed 15 minutes before the concert starts.

Thing Three: Couloir is almost out of time! Yikes!

Thing Four: Vancouverites/Victorians (Victors/Victorias?) – Those live concerts I mentioned in my last post, attend them! You’ve had an extra hour of sleep, go out and live a little!

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