Couloir duo records debut CD, “Clear Music” – Indiegogo campaign

And I’m on it! My piece is excerpted for the first two minutes of the video, followed by Baljinder Sekhon, Glen Buhr, and Nico Muhly.

If you want to financially support Couloir in making this CD, (and, admit it, who doesn’t?! They’re excellent musicians and pretty darn cute, too…) their Indiegogo page is here.

From cellist Ariel Barnes’ facebook page: “Hello Everybody! “Couloir” my cello/harp duo with harpist Heidi Krutzen, has just released an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help support our first full length recording. This record will consist of brilliantly crafted music by Jocelyn
Morlock, Glenn Buhr, Baljinder Sekhon and Nico Muhly. We have a golden opportunity to release this music to an international audience with PARMA Recordings through NAXOS distribution. If we are successful in our fundraising, this opportunity will be a reality! For more information about our project, including a video with samples of the music we’ll be recording, please visit our campaign page. With much appreciation for any support you can offer…”

Here’s the third section of my Couloir piece – Absence of Light – Gradual Reawakening

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