Modulus Festival Redux

Some kind words from Hadani Ditmars at the Huffington Post: “Music Helps me Imagine a Better World” and Alex Varty at the Georgia Straight: “Brilliant ideas are what Vancouver’s Modulus Festival is all about.
(Unfortunately for me, Alex Varty missed my concert, but he did a preview article about it, and Tom Cone’s connection to the festival.)
From Hadani Ditmar’s article: “Tom Cone Songs — two new works by Music on Main’s composer-in-residence, Jocelyn Morlock, sung by mezzo-soprano Melanie Adams — proved moving odes to the late great Cone, a champion of independent cutting edge arts and cross-cultural projects, and a generous friend and patron to many in Vancouver. I found myself, sitting in the front row where I could literally feel the vibration of the music in my chest, weeping at the sound of Somewhere Along the Line, a song Cone wrote with Morlock a few months before his death earlier this year.”
From Alex Varty’s review: “I can’t imagine what the Modulus Festival would have to do to get a bad review—and whatever it might be, it didn’t happen this weekend.
In any case, Vancouver’s rising new-music (and sometimes old-music) showcase espouses the values of range, diversity, and excellence—words that should be a mantra for all arts producers in our post-millennial, multicultural society. And speaking to Music on Main artistic director David Pay on Saturday night, he reiterated his intent. What does he want to see on his program? “We want everything,” he stressed.”

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