Music that makes me happy to be alive…

My roommate Mark has recently started a series of posts on his website about his daily dose of new music. I like his nefarious plan to become more educated. It got me thinking about how there’s a lot of great music that I love, but don’t hear very often – the amount of presumably-great music I’ve never heard at all is so large as to inspire catatonia, so I’ll leave Mark to deal with that.

Anyways, listen to this – Shostakovich’s Fugue #7 in A major, from his 24 Preludes and Fugues, op. 87. Actually, go on and listen to all of them, they’re glorious. Who else could give Bach a run for his money?

2 thoughts on “Music that makes me happy to be alive…

  1. That Shostakovich Fugue is one of my very favourite pieces of music. As crazy as this probably sounds, to me it is an ascent to heaven expressed in music. Every time I play it, I feel like I’ve disconnected from my body.

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