Zombies!!! (A.K.A. more decidedly undead art in Vancouver…)

Contrary to popular (Globe & Mail) opinion, the arts scene in Vancouver is not dead. I have proof! Come to Music on Main’s concert this Tuesday, March 20 and you’ll have no recourse but to believe me.

Flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor and harpsichordist Christopher Bagan perform music both rather old and extremely new, including four premieres – Edward Top’s Bound by Bach, Alfredo Santa Ana’s F.C., Cassandra Miller’s For Mark and Chris, and HANDELMOBILE by me.

As for the old, there’s Bach, Handel, and Couperin, as you might’ve guessed from our titles above…

Be there, or prove the G & M right! The Cellar, 3611 West Broadway. Doors at 6:30, music at 8:00pm.

Music on Main’s concert page is here, should you have any further questions or require pictorial proof of our existence.

(P.S. Photo of Mark Takeshi McGregor, taken by Jocelyn Morlock.)

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