Holy New CBC Website Information Overload Must Turn Away…


But so far, I like it rather a lot. (I’m a bit surprised to see myself typing these words…)

As far as their Concerts on Demand series, the new video of Ariel Barnes playing Bach is awfully nice, and they’ve kept some of the older audio CODs as well. There’s a Standing Wave concert on here – Vintage Machines, there are two from the Tuckamore Chamber Music Festival (blatant self-promotion – my piece Asylum is on the 2010 concert, brilliantly played by Duo Concertante and Vernon Regehr.) Dead link, listen on soundcloud instead…

And I just listened to Newfoundland-based Lady Cove Women’s Choir, who made me very nostalgic for Brandon, MB (my friends The Kitchen Women used to sing this song, what can I say…)

The new focus on videos for classical music is food for thought. I love watching live concert videos, but they’re significantly more expensive to produce than an audio-only recording. How many live audio recordings of concerts won’t happen, because the money goes towards making videos rather than recording more concerts? I’ll be curious to see how CBC handles this budgetary/social media conundrum.

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