New CDs!

Two new CDs! Vagabond and Redshift X!

Baritone Geoffrey Sirett has just released his debut album, Vagabond, with pianist Stephen Ralls. This CD features the premiere recording of my Involuntary Love Songs. Geoffrey was the very first person to sing these songs, at 9 am (ouch) at the 2008 E-Gré National Music Competition, where they were the commissioned work. I’ve been following his career since then and am very pleased that he and Stephen have recorded my songs!

Geoffrey Sirett and Stephen Ralls - Vagabond

Redshift Music is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a free CD download, Redshift X. (Free stuff, woo!) More information can be found here on their website, and if you want to download the CD, that link is here. More info from their page: “Redshift X showcases some of the very best Canadian music being written today, with works by Jennifer Butler, André Cormier, Emily Doolittle, Christopher Kovarik, James B. Maxwell, Jocelyn Morlock, Jordan Nobles, Marci Rabe, Jeffrey Ryan, and Rodney Sharman, performed by some of Canada’s most respected interpreters, including Cris Inguanti, Contact Contemporary Music, the Tiresias Duo, Mark Takeshi McGregor and Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa.”

Redshift X


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