Lethbridge Choral Concert tonight…

Well, this post is a bit late…but if you happen to be in Lethbridge, maybe you’re already heading to this concert, which includes my SSAA piece Let, with text by the lovely and talented Alan Ashton. Dr. Sandra Stringer will be conducting the University of Lethbridge Women’s Chorus.

“Even though December has barely begun, the University of Lethbridge Singers, The University of Lethbridge Women’s Chorus and Vox Musica are going to get you in the Christmas spirit with the sweet sounds of the season, Dec. 3 at the Southminster United Church.

The groups, The University of Lethbridge Singers under the direction of Dr. Janet Youngdahl, The Women’s chorus under Dr. Sandra Stringer and Vox Musica directed by Glenn Klassen will share the stage, performing individually, then come together for concert highlight  Stella Natalis, a “magical pice for choir” by  Karl Jenkins, which  draws on global inspirations like Zulu text, Hindu culture and Old Testament references and reflects the themes of peace and goodwill. Tickets are $15 regular and $10 student/seniors.”

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