Vancouver Snapshots 125 – incriminating photos? (80s hair, I await you…)

Turning Point Vancouver Snapshots 125 photo

David Gordon Duke is curating the Turning Point Ensemble‘s next event – Vancouver Snapshots 125. He writes about it here.

There are three events in total; on Saturday, September 10 there’s a free Symposium 1-3:30 pm at the Roundhouse, and an 8pm concert at the Roundhouse ($20/$10); on Sunday September 11, a 2pm free concert at the Sun Yat-sen Garden.

Here’s a bit of Train, which I wrote in 1998 (!) Thirteen years ago… The poem is by Alan Ashton – this was my first collaboration with him. The excerpt is:

I picture her then
the passing of that day
on a log half imbedded in sand and weeds
soaking in a chilling mist
her knees to her chin
heart interjecting a rhythm
through each visible breath

Here is the excerpt performed by Grace Chan and William Lewans, and here is the same excerpt performed by Charlene Pauls and Cheryl Pauls.

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